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Small local theatre in Kansas City is a unique form of entertainment in that commonly, only about half of the cost of a production comes from the sale of tickets. The remaining funds must come from grants and donations both medium and small.
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We try to provide the very best theatrical experience that we can. From the sets, lighting, sound and all technical elements to the talented actors who can sing and dance as well as act, we push to give you exciting entertainment that you will find few other places in three dimensional space.
This is not inexpensive.
We pay (though not as much as they deserve) our actors, designers, technicians, operators, deck crew, carpenters, electricians and others. Additional costs include: theatre rental, rights and royalties for the production, materials and Iabor for both costumes and set construction, rentals of equipment like lights, fog machines, microphones, box office fees and much more.
How can you help and become an important part of the Egads! family?.
First, you could donate to us. It's simple. Just click on the donate button and Paypal will securely take care of the rest. We will send you a letter to verify your donation for income tax purposes.
Second, and in many ways more important, you can encourage your friends to come and see the show. We feel we offer a good product and would like to continue to do so. With your help, we know we can.
Egads! is a 501(c)(3) organization and as such, any donations to our company are tax deductable.